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No stadium at Laney

Our Communities, Our Future.
NO Stadium at Laney.

The Stay The Right Way Coalition is working to stop the Oakland A’s stadium mega-development at Laney so that working class people of color can thrive in the cultural communities they’ve spent generations building.  

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Campaign Updates

ALL OUT to Demand Peralta Board Vote NO to A’s Stadium at Laney

On December 12, the Peralta Board of Trustees will vote on whether or not to begin a 6 to 12 month process of gathering input on what an A’s stadium at Laney will look like. Join us to tell the Board to act in the best interests of Laney students and Oakland’s surrounding communities by voting NO to the A’s proposal.

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Protect Oakland’s Diverse Neighborhoods

On September 12, A’s President Dave Kaval irresponsibly violated public process by announcing his preferred site for a new baseball stadium on public Peralta land without community buy-in.

He did this without meaningfully engaging neighborhood stakeholders and without heeding the overwhelming 2/3 of the neighborhood opposing the site option.

The elected Peralta Board of Trustees now must vote whether or not to sell or lease public land to the A’s corporation for permanent private profit.  Oakland Planning Commission and City Officials would have to approve or deny building permits.

Please sign & share to urge these public officials to stop the massive cultural displacement and threats to the safety of students and seniors a stadium at this site would cause!

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In the News

Can Oakland Protect Chinatown and Eastlake?

Li Ya Chen lives near Laney and thinks a ballpark would “disrupt normal life” with noise, drunken fans, and increased traffic. But her biggest worry is how rents could rise more than they already have, and properties, including existing affordable housing, could be bought up, demolished, and replaced with expensive homes or parking garages in a speculative rush to profit in proximity to the stadium.

Chen lives in a five-unit building protected by rent control and works as an in-home care worker. Like many in the area, she’s already extremely rent burdened, paying half her income a month on housing. But being able to walk to the doctor’s office, buy groceries, and speak Chinese with merchants and neighbors makes Chinatown a special place for her. It’s why she chose to live in this part of Oakland when she moved to the United States in 2005.

If the ballpark gets built, she believes a “huge wave” of more affluent English-speaking fans and new residents would arrive and cause Chinatown to disappear.

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Oakland A’s Stadium: Second Poll Finds Coliseum Support

“This poll is a true reflection of what Oakland communities want,” Oakland Rising Executive Director Jessamyn Sabbag said in a statement. “The people we spoke with oppose constructing a stadium at the Laney site which would inevitably push out and could destroy historic cultural neighborhoods.”

In all, 82 percent favored the A’s staying at the Coliseum, while 5 percent were opposed and 13 percent undecided.

“In Chinatown and Eastlake, immigrants and refugees have spent generations building communities where people can thrive,” said Alvina Wong of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network. “Our friends, churches, doctors, and stores are here. We will not allow the A’s owners to destroy the sanctuaries we’ve built.”

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Oakland A’s Ballpark Plan Faces Opposition from college students, faculty, many residents

Last week, the Peralta Federation of Teachers Local 1603, which represents more than 1,000 teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses at all four Peralta Community College District campuses, voted unanimously to “oppose the proposed Oakland A’s stadium on Peralta land.”

Additionally, the Associated Students of Laney College says it found that 90 percent of students oppose the project.

“Laney College has changed people’s lives, gotten people out of poverty.  Before this year, the A’s took no interest – no scholarships, no internships, nothing,’’ said Keith Welch, president of the Associated Students of Laney College. “Now they want to disrupt our education by building a ballpark across the street with noisy construction, traffic gridlock, pollution, and alcohol consumption by fans.  We will not sacrifice our education so that the A’s owners can make more money,”

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The Coalition

StayTheRightWay includes small businesses, students, faculty, workers, tenants, seniors, artists, and nonprofits with the Oakland Chinatown Coalition, Save Laney Land for Students Coalition, Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay (VACCEB), Laney College Social Justice Center, Causa Justa: Just Cause, Eastlake United for Justice, Oakland Tenants Union, Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt (CALM), 5th Avenue Community Waterfront Alliance.



These endorsers have taken positions opposing the Oakland A’s stadium mega-development at Laney College. Golden Gate Audubon Society, California Faculty Association (CSU-East Bay), Sunflower Alliance, and 350 Bay Area, Peralta Federation of Teachers Local 1603, Laney Faculty Senate, Associated Students of Laney College